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Ahmed Errachidi

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Current status: 
Cleared, no charges

 Ahmed Errachidi is a gourmet chef who worked at the Westbury Hotel in Mayfair (London, England). He had two young sons, one of whom was in dire need of a heart operation in 2001. He left for Pakistan in September of that year to buy silver jewelry there which he hoped to resell in Morocco in order to raise the money for his son's operation. However, in October of that year, when the US invaded Afghanistan, he left Pakistan to attempt to help civilians affected by the war. In his own words, he went "to help the poor children and the women, and to partake in their calamity".

In Afghanistan he witnessed the horrific death of civilians due to bombings, but realized that he was not going to be able to be of much help there. So he returned to Pakistan, but shortly thereafter he was arrested by Pakistani police and sold to the US for a bounty of $5,000.

He spent more than five years in US custody, some of that time spent at a CIA black site, some of it spent at Bagram, but most of it was spent at Guantanamo. He was eventually released without charge after his lawyers proved by showing his pay stubs that he was actually working as a chef during the period the US said he was training at Khaldan.