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Guantánamo and Roses

Nancy Talanian


U.S. government officials today inspected a Michigan prison to determine its suitability for current Guantánamo detainees.  (See Feds to tour Michigan prison where Gitmo detainees could go.)
More and more it appears that President Obama plans to close Guantánamo by moving the detainees to a prison on the U.S. mainland, as though the Caribbean location were the problem, and not the unlimited “preventive detention” without charges or court oversight.  Such a move, if it takes place, would feed the growing misperception among Americans that the detainees at Guantánamo are all inhuman terrorists who are too dangerous to bring to mainland prisons, much less charge and try or release.

Indefinite Detention: If it starts at Guantanamo, where will it end?

Nancy Talanian


From the "too good to be true" department, President Obama's promise in January to close Guantanamo Bay prison isn't turning out to be nearly as good as it sounded.  Now the president is talking about signing an executive order to authorize himself to detain 50-100 Guantánamo prisoners (up to about half the current population) indefinitely—without charges and without trials—on the basis of what he or others think they might do in the future if they are released.  That sounds a lot like what Guantánamo has been and is today.

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