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Let's Honor the Guantánamo Lawyers

Nancy Talanian
This month, NMG recognizes the hundreds of attorneys who have donated their time to make sure that prisoners at Guantánamo Bay have had legal representation. In the course of their work, they have also spent roughly $50,000 or more per prisoner out-of-pocket on translators, travel, research, legal filings, and the like. NMG hopes that Bagram prisoners may soon be awarded the right to challenge their detentions through the Great Writ. If that happens, several lawyers are ready to help Bagram prisoners challenge the legality of their detentions.

If Military Commissions Are So Great, Why Only 3 in 8 Years?

Nancy Talanian

Read this blog on Huffington Post and Common Dreams.

To hear the clamor for prosecuting Abdulmutallab, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, and his alleged 9/11 co-conspirators by military commission, you might think commissions are better, cheaper, faster, and more appropriate than federal court trials and a sure-fire way to get stiff convictions.

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