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Help Former Guantanamo Prisoners In Need

The Guantanamo Survivors Fund has been created to raise and disseminate funds to former Guantanamo prisoners.

Often exiled to third countries, many still suffer from the physical and mental effects of what they endured in Guantánamo and experience social isolation and economic hardship because they have been labeled terrorists who require government monitoring.

One third have no legal status  in the countries to which they were exiled.  A year ago, Lutfi bin Ali died from untreated complications of heart disease after being transferred first to Kazakhstan, then to Mauritania, where he was unable to obtain appropriate medical care.

Initiated by Witness Against Torture, No More Guantanamos, the Muslim Counterpublics Lab, Healing and Recovery After Trauma, and others, the fund will provide resources for explicit needs such as medical care, education and training, and basic living needs to the extent possible.  With the support of people like you, we have already assisted seven men and their families.

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