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Detainee Research Outline

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Here is a list of information your group may want to include in your detainee's story.  Good sources of information can be found here.  If you find others, let us know, so we can share them with other communities.  Your detainee's habeas counsel may also have information, family photographs and other resources to help you.  If you are unable to find information you believe is essential, contact us for help.
Detainee Name: 
Detention Status (Cleared, uncharged but uncleared, charged with ___):

Personal Background

Date and location of capture:
Citizenship status (citizen, refugee, stateless):
Current age/date of birth:
Age at capture:
Time in detention:
Employment/career before capture:


Marital Status:
Children (names and ages):
Other family members:
Family members’ involvement with his release:
How has his direct family provided for themselves during captivity?


If he was captured outside his home country, when did he leave his home?
Why did he leave home? For example, did he experience persecution in home country? If so, was that a reason?
Why was he in the capture country?
When did he reach the capture country?
How did he enter the capture country?
How was he captured? (For example, more than 80 percent were sold to the U.S. military for bounties.)
If cleared, can the detainee return home?

Treatment While in Detention

Has he had an opportunity for judicial review?
Did he claim to have suffered abuse or mistreatment while in detention?
Statements about detainee by military/government officials, others:
Accusations about the detainee from CSRT transcripts, etc., and any relevant information refuting the accusations:

Miscellaneous Notes: