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No More Guantanamos

Call Congress Now to Demand Justice for Detainees


This week, we expect the House to vote on a draft Defense Authorization bill for 2012 that could expand detention and make it even harder for 89 cleared detainees to leave Guantánamo.

Please call your Representative right away.  (Find your Rep.'s phone number at here.)

Current provisions in the bill would:

  • Expand the president's authorization to use military force to include all individuals associated with Al Qaeda and the Taliban anywhere in the world, and to detain persons for the duration of the seemingly endless conflict.
  • Prevent transfer of detainees to the U.S. even for prosecution, ensuring that any future trials are by military commission.
  • Place more roadblocks on transfers of cleared detainees to their home countries or to a third country.

Please call your representative's office right away.  Urge him or her to:

  • Support amendments to H.R. 1540 that would remove the AUMF expansion and any roadblocks to federal court trials for Guantánamo detainees or to the transfer of detainees who have been cleared for release by the Guantánamo task force.
  • Vote against H.R. 1540 if those provisions are not removed.

Thank you for all you do.