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11/20 / Hannah Newberry / Cardiff Student Media (Gair Rhydd, Wales) / The Guantanamo nightmare: The war against extradited prisoners
11/20 / Dan Walls/ The Stanford Daily (Stanford University) / Islamophobia is absurd
11/20 / Lee Wolosky and Joshua Geltzer / The Hill / Trump's dangerous Guantánamo fixation will fuel fire for terrorists
11/18 / Marjorie Cohn / Huffington Post / U.S. Military And CIA Leaders May Be Investigated For War Crimes
11/17 / Mike Whitney / CounterPunch / Brennan and Clapper: Elder Statesmen or Serial Fabricators?
11/17 / Ayushman Basu / International Business Times / US Military Classifies Guantanamo Bay Inmates’ Artwork As Government Property
11/16 / Patricia Stottlemyer / Human Rights First / Al Nashiri Proceedings Spotlight Legal “No Man’s Land” at Guantanamo
11/16 / Carol Rosenberg / Miami Herald / New York judge declines to quash Guantánamo subpoena
11/15 / Abdi Guled / Associated Press / US drone strike in Somalia kills ‘several’ with al-Shabab