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11/22 / Charles Pierce / Esquire / We Must Win the Struggle Between Memory and Forgetting
11/22 / Maha Hillal / VOX / Watching The Report through Muslim eyes
11/22 / Robert Scheer / Truthdig / The Stain on America’s Soul That Will Not Wash Away
11/21 / Brig. Gen. John G. Baker / Military Times / The corrosive impact of torture on the rule of law
11/20 / Mark Udall / Real Clear Politics / Dem Candidates Should Commit to Act on Torture Report
11/20 / Sofia Lesnewski / The Daily Tar Heel (University of North Carolina) / UNC-Charlotte coalition wants to oust head of safety
11/19 / Shadi Khan Saif / AA (Turkey) / Key Taliban prisoners released after delay
11/17 / Iris Vukmanovik / The Diamondback (University of Maryland) / Review: ‘The Report’ succeeds in breaking down the probe into CIA torture use after 9/11
11/16 / Mark Mazzetti and Scott Shane / New York Times / ‘The Report’ and the Untold Story of a Senate-C.I.A. Conflict