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03/27 / Azad Essa / Middle East Eye / Book Review: Samantha Power: Idealism in service of empire
03/27 / Elizabeth Evenson and Andrea Prasow / Human Rights Watch / Why the US Should be Supporting, Not Undermining, International Justice
03/26 / Abdul Qadir Sediqi and Hamid Shalizi / Reuters / Taliban says prisoner release by Afghan government to start by end of March
03/25 / Charlie Savage and Adam Goldman / New York Times / Citing Death Penalty, U.K. Court Blocks Giving Evidence on ISIS ‘Beatles’ to U.S.
03/25 / Carol Rosenberg / New York Times / Military Judge in 9/11 Trial at Guantánamo Is Retiring
03/25 / Ben Feuerherd / New York Post / US Navy sailor tests positive for coronavirus at Guantanamo Bay
03/21 / Nozomi Hayase / Common Dreams / Assange's Extradition: An Escalation of the US War on Terror
03/19 / Hurst Hannum / Fairfield Citizen (California) / Did the US commit crimes in Afghanistan? International prosecutors want to find out
03/18 / Carrie McCell and Meenakshi Krishnan / Just Security / The Espionage Act Reform Bill Addresses Key Press Concerns
03/17 / Benjamin Weiser / New York Times / Once-Accused Al Qaeda Sympathizer Goes Home
03/16 / Kirk Henderson / Pulitzer Center / Carol Rosenberg Interviewed in Columbia Journalism Review