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07/18 / Carol Rosenberg with photos by Doug Mills / New York Times / A Look Inside the Secretive World of Guantanamo Bay
07/17 / Mary Ellen O'Connell / Lawfare / Book Review: How to Lose the Rule of Law
07/17 / Sam Levine and Jessica Schulberg / Huffington Post / John Paul Stevens, Former Supreme Court Justice, Dies At 99
07/16 / George Cassidy Payne / NPR / Detention Centers are Part of America’s Dark History
07/16 / Paul O'Hanlon / The Australian Times / Access denied: Julian Assange in Belmarsh, Britain’s Guantanamo
07/15 / John McBeth / Asia Times / Terror leader Hambali finally to face US justice
07/13 / Patrick Kelley / Roll Call / House approves NDAA with no Republican votes
07/12 / Megan Mineiro / Courthouse News Service / Bipartisan House Vote Restricts Trump From Starting War With Iran
07/10 / Crofton Black / The Bureau of Investigative Journalism / CIA Torture Unredacted: Revealing what was hidden in the US Senate torture report