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01/09 / Carol Rosenberg / McClatchy Newspapers / Did CIA Director Gina Haspel run a black site at Guantánamo?
01/08 / Carol Rosenberg / McClatchy Newspapers / New USS Cole case judge quitting military to join immigration court
01/08 / Lucas Robinson / Medill News Service / Guantanamo court weighs al-Qaida detainee's health
01/07 / Witness Against Torture / Schedule – 2019 Fast for Justice
01/05 / William Boardman / Dissident Voice / Afghanistan in 2019: Fewer US Troops, More CIA Torture and Killings
12/31 / Mujib Mashal / New York Times / C.I.A.’s Afghan Forces Leave a Trail of Abuse and Anger
12/27 / Marc A. Thiessen / Washington Post / Send Islamic State fighters held in Syria to Guantanamo Bay