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11/18 / Melvin Goodman / CounterPunch / Biden and the CIA
11/18 / Carol Rosenberg / New York Times / Military Judge in U.S. Held Court by Video Link to Guantánamo Bay
11/17 / Ryan Cooper / The Week / Why Biden must investigate Trump
11/17 / Benjamin R. Farley / Just Security / A Path for Renewing Guantanamo Closure
11/16 / Calum Ross / The Press and Journal (Scotland) / Extraordinary rendition: Lord Wolffe urged to get US Senate report from Joe Biden
11/16 / Oona Hathaway, Preston Lim and Mark Stevens / Just Security / COVID-19 and International Law Series: International Humanitarian Law – Treatment of Detainees
11/13 / Joshua Cho / Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR) / Farcical Coverage of Julian Assange’s Farcical Hearing
11/12 / Matt Ford / The New Republic / The Case for Prosecuting Trump and His Cronies
11/09 / Mark Hosenball and Jonathan Landay / Swissinfo / Former Obama officials Morell, Haines likely candidates for Biden spy jobs - sources
11/08 / Lincoln Caplan / The American Scholar (Phi Beta Kappa) / Book Review: Indefensible Torture, Unfree Speech