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07/19 / Dino Hazell and Alexandra Jaffe / Associated Press / Guantanamo inmate transferred to home country in Biden policy shift
07/19 / Jessica Schulberg and Rowaida Abdulaziz / Huffington Post / Abdul Latif Nasser Released From Guantanamo After 19 Years Of Detention Without Charge
07/19 / Carol Rosenberg and Charlie Savage / New York Times / Biden Administration Transfers Its First Detainee From Guantánamo Bay
07/17 / Andy Worthington / Eurasia Review / How The Law Failed At Guantánamo
07/14 / Andrew P. Napolitano / Washington Times / Guantanamo’s Abdulsalam al-Hela and the Fifth Amendment
07/13 / Bryan Bender / Politico / Defense bill markup today
07/13 / Carol Rosenberg / New York Times / Defense Lawyers Move to Block Force-Feeding of Guantánamo Prisoner
07/12 / / Tennessee Tribune / Democrats Face Uphill Battle To Close Guantanamo Bay Prison