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02/16 / Saifullah Paracha / The Scotsman / Demand to know the truth about Scottish rendition
02/14 / Aaron Shephard / Los Angeles Times / John Adams would have defended the detainees at Guantanamo Bay
02/13 / Front Burner / CBC News (Canada) / Audio: Guantanamo Bay, torture and the long road to a 9/11 trial
02/13 / Dave Rhodes / Herald-Mail Media (Gannett Co., Maryland) / Father of fallen USS Cole sailor satisfied with lawsuit settlement
02/13 / Dal News / Dalhousie University (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada) / Humanity in conflict: Omar Khadr & Ishmael Beah share the stage at Dallaire Initiative child soldiers event
02/13 / Elisa Epstein / Just Security / Guantanamo’s Ugly Taint on U.S. Diplomacy
02/12 / Jefferson Morley / The New Republic / Is the CIA’s Director Going Full MAGA?
02/12 / Abdul Latif Nasser / New York Daily News / Forgotten in Guantanamo: One detainee describes his struggle
02/10 / Lisa Rosenberg / The Fulcrum / Whistleblowers are heroes in the movies and in real life
02/10 / William Hopkins / Al Jazeera / It's high time to end medical complicity in torture