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01/24 / Neville Spykerman / The Star (Malaysia) / ‘Charges politically driven’
01/23 / Hari Sreenivasan / Newshour on PBS / Obama wanted to close Gitmo. Will Biden be able to finally do it?
01/23 / Andrew Hamm / ScotusBlog / Two cases on the state-secrets privilege
01/21 / Charlotte O'Sullivan / Evening Standard (UK) / The Mauritanian review: Tahar Rahim is mesmerising as the Guantanamo detainee
01/20 / Shane Harris and Ellen Nakashima / Washington Post / Avril Haines, Biden’s nominee for DNI, faces questions on China, domestic extremism
01/19 / Nisa Islam Muhammad / The Final Call (Nation of Islam) / Human Rights Violations: 20 years of Guantánamo Prison
01/18 / Danielle Ong / International Business Times / Giuliani's Associate Offered Trump Pardon To Ex-CIA For $2 Million: Report