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12/03 / Jinee Lokaneeta / The Wire (India) / Why the Spectre of Truth Serums Haunts CIA Interrogations
12/02 / David Barnett / The Independent (UK) / A history of hunger strikes: From the suffragettes to Guantánamo
11/30 / Dana Terry and Frank Stasio / North Carolina Public Radio / The Psychological Impact Of The US Torture Program
11/30 / Sarah Spiller / Al Jazeera / The morality of torture: A toxic legacy
11/29 / Dror Ladin / Speak Freely / ACLU / We’re Suing the CIA to Find the Body of a Torture Victim
11/19 / Elaina Stephenson / Human Rights First / Fit For Court? Another Medical Emergency in Guantanamo
11/18 / Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty / Afghan Taliban Reportedly Holds Talks With U.S. Envoy In Qatar