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12/01 / David Luban, Scott Roehm, Claire O. Finkelstein, Karen J. Greenberg, Lisa Hajjar, Jonathan Hafetz, Elisa Massimino and Gabor Rona / Just Security / The Biden Administration’s Moment of Truth on Torture Evidence
11/30 / Azeezah Kanji / Al Jazeera / Assange and the assurances of ‘civilised’ torturers
11/30 / Bryant Harris / The National News / How Senate Democrats could block Biden from closing Guantanamo
11/29 / Mansoor Adayfi / The Daily Beast / Gitmo Jailers Tried to Break Him for 15 Years—They Failed
11/24 / Jennifer Steinhauer / New York Times / Army Whistle-Blower’s Lonely Death Highlights Toll of Mental Illness
11/22 / Charles P. Pierce / Esquire / It Shouldn't Be This Hard to Convict the Guy Behind 9/11