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04/12 / Geoffrey P. Johnston / The Kingston Whig-Standard (Canada) / Is torture ever justified?
04/12 / Marlise Simons, Rick Gladstone and Carol Rosenberg / New York Times / Hague Court Abandons Afghanistan War Crimes Inquiry
04/10 / Yale News (Yale University) / Muneer Ahmad appointed the Goldman Clinical Professor of Law
04/10 / Jim Mustian / Associated Press / Judge: Militant's statements may be used in Benghazi trial
04/10 / Jessica Bram Murphy / The College Hill Independent (Brown University) / Common Dreams / My Father Was Killed on 9/11 When I Was Five, But What I Experienced at Guantánamo Bay Did Not Feel Like Justice
04/09 / Zoey Turturino / The Daily Campus (University of Connecticut) / Free Chelsea Manning!
04/08 / Katy Stone / The New Arab / Eighteen years after 9/11, what's going on in Guantanamo?
04/07 / Olivia Snaije / The National (United Arab Emirates) / The true story of Mohammed El Gharani, one of Guantanamo Bay’s youngest prisoners
04/06 / Editorial / The Star (Kenya) / Bensouda should stand up to American pressure