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A Resolution Supporting the Transfer of Federal Prisoners to the Standish Maximum Facility Prison

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Au Gres, MI
October 6, 2009

Au Gres City Council

WHEREAS, upon thoughtful consideration of all issues and circumstances relevant to the closing of Standish Maximum prison, including the economic affects that the loss of the prison will have on Arenac County and the City of Au Gres;

WHEREAS, upon further consideration of viable replacement alternatives for the Standish Maximum Prison, including the examination of the likelihood and/or viability of various alternatives; as well as the short and long term benefit of each alternative;

WHEREAS, after assessing all of the reasonable concerns relevant thereto, and being Satisfied that the safety and well being of Arenac County and the City of Au Gres and its residents will not be jeopardized;

WHEREAS, Council concluding that it is in the community's best interest for the Standish Maximum Prison to be sold and/or utilized by the Federal government for purposes including the detainment off Federal prisoners currently held in Federal facilities.

NOW< THEREFORE< BE IT RESOLVED that the City of Au Gres endorses efforts by The State of Michigan and the United States of America to reach an agreement to utilize the Standish Maximum Prison for the detainment of current Federl prisoners held in Federal facilities, and/or use by the Federal Bureau of Prisons.