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No local NMG coalition in your town?  To start one, send us a message at info (at) nogitmos (dot) org, including your name and email, your city and state, then invite your friends to join.

The local coordinator:

  • Organizes local meetings
  • Is the contact person
  • Posts your group's information on this website, using easy-to-use tools


We have prepared toolkits and resources to help you, and you can contact us at info (at) nogitmos (dot) org for assistance.

Find a Local Group

Search below to find a No More Guantanamos group near you.


20th year of injustice at Gitmo began January 11, 2021

It's up to us to help close the prison and restore justice for terrorism suspects around the world.

Call President Joe Biden after his inauguration, and ask him to close Guantanamo Bay Prison, as he has said he wants to do.  Read more here.

Colleague Organizations

The following organizations support the mission of No More Guantánamos.  We are proud to collaborate with them.

Write to the Remaining Guantánamo Bay Prisoners

Sixteen years is a long time to be held in an offshore prison, away from family and friends, with no idea when--if ever--they will be freed.  Please let them know you are thinking of them by writing a brief letter or sending a card to one of them.

Here is a list of remaining prisoners at Guantánamo.  Reprieve has posted a subset of this list, which offers a detail or two about each man's situation or interests.

About Us

Our Mission

Board of Directors

Bruce Miller, President

Bruce Miller is a professor of law at Western New England College, where he teaches constitutional law and other public law subjects.  His public service work includes serving on the Board of Directors of the Pioneer Valley HIV-AIDS Consortium and the Advisory Board of the Western Massachusetts ACLU. He is also a trustee of the Rosenberg Fund for Children.


Your gift will help No More Guantánamos build a nationwide grassroots coalition and provide them with technical support and resources with which to educate their communities about the men imprisoned at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba; Bagram, Afghanistan; and secret offshore prisons around the world.  We help local chapters to engage their communities in a constructive dialogue about the issues and obstacles involved in closing Guantánamo Bay prison with justice.

How to Put on Public Readings of Guantanamo Diary

Mohamedou Ould Slahi has given the world his perspective of what is happening in Guantánamo Bay Prison, where he continues to be held.  Now that we have his first-hand account, we can share it with our community as a tool to build support for ending this center for torture and indefinite detention.  Here are some suggestions for putting on a reading:

1. Get a location and choose a time. This reading can be on any scale:

Guantanamo Diary Scripts

Here are two scripts that have been used for staged readings in the United States.  They contain selected excerpts of Mohamedou Ould Slahi's book, Guantanamo Diary, edited by Larry Siems and published by Cannongate Books.