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Last Chance for Leadership: Close Guantánamo

Join a rally near you (see list below). Call or email President Obama.  Sign a White House petition.


President Obama has just one year left to fulfill his first-term promise by closing Guantánamo and ending indefinite detention. Doing so will demonstrate leadership and burnish his legacy as a defender of the principles on which he campaigned and won office.

Codepink Brings Gitmo Detainees to the Golden Gate Bridge 14 YEARS of Injustice! CLOSE GUANTANAMO NOW!

Photos: Kathe Burick

Codepink had a very successful peace march on the bridge on January 10, 2016, in solidarity with detainees of Guantanamo prison, most still being held without charges, even though many have been cleared for release years ago.  We read the words of one of the detainees, Tariq Ba Odah, who has been on a hunger strike since 2005, and is still force fed 2x per day.

WANTED: Executive Director for torture truth commission

The North Carolina Commission of Inquiry on Torture is hiring a full-time Executive Director.

Thanks to Open Society Foundations, as well as North Carolina congregations and individuals, the Commission has the funding to gear up.  We're planning a public launch after Labor Day.

Please circulate the job description to anyone you think may be interested.