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Thursday, July 22, at noon in Washington, DC, join a protest the UAE's planned extradition of Ravil Mingazov and other former Guantanamo prisoners to Russia and Yemen.

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Bruce Miller, President

Bruce Miller is a professor of law at Western New England College, where he teaches constitutional law and other public law subjects.  His public service work includes serving on the Board of Directors of the Pioneer Valley HIV-AIDS Consortium and the Advisory Board of the Western Massachusetts ACLU. He is also a trustee of the Rosenberg Fund for Children.

Pioneer Valley No More Guantánamos

Western Massachusetts group


Northampton, MA 01060
United States
Phone: (413) 253-7991

Video of our January 10, 2016, rally and protest marking 14 years of injustice at Guantanamo with readings from Guantanamo Diary by Mohamedou Ould Slahi. (Thanks to Dann Vazquez, videographer.)

Ravil Mingazov

A judge ordered Ravil's release on May 13, 2010, under the writ of habeas corpus

Ravil Mingazov was born in Russia in 1967. He became a ballet dancer with several dance troupes. Conscripted into the Russian Army at the age of 19, he first served in the Army ballet troupe. After his conscription ended in 1988, he served voluntarily until 1996 and later returned to the military in the food supply section, where he took over a program that was in bad shape and transformed it into a model program, “the best in all the Army's.” In recognition of his achievement, he said that the General gave him a watch.

Ahmed Belbacha

Current status: 
Cleared, no charges

Ahmed Belbacha has been returned to his native Algeria.

by Andy Worthington

A former footballer, Ahmed Belbacha was born in Algiers in 1969. He left his homeland in 1999, after receiving death threats from militants because he worked for a government-run oil company, and sought asylum in the UK.


Your gift will help No More Guantánamos build a nationwide grassroots coalition and provide them with technical support and resources with which to educate their communities about the men imprisoned at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba; Bagram, Afghanistan; and secret offshore prisons around the world.  We help local chapters to engage their communities in a constructive dialogue about the issues and obstacles involved in closing Guantánamo Bay prison with justice.