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Search: 08/2009

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Ravil Mingazov

A judge ordered Ravil's release on May 13, 2010, under the writ of habeas corpus

Ravil Mingazov was born in Russia in 1967. He became a ballet dancer with several dance troupes. Conscripted into the Russian Army at the age of 19, he first served in the Army ballet troupe. After his conscription ended in 1988, he served voluntarily until 1996 and later returned to the military in the food supply section, where he took over a program that was in bad shape and transformed it into a model program, “the best in all the Army's.” In recognition of his achievement, he said that the General gave him a watch.

Ahmed Belbacha

Current status: 
Cleared, no charges

Ahmed Belbacha has been returned to his native Algeria.

by Andy Worthington

A former footballer, Ahmed Belbacha was born in Algiers in 1969. He left his homeland in 1999, after receiving death threats from militants because he worked for a government-run oil company, and sought asylum in the UK.

Abdul Ra’ouf Al Qassim

Abdul Rauf al-Qassim's wife, Rahima, and his daughter, Khiria.
Current status: 
Cleared, no charges

Mr. al-Qassim was released and sent to Albania in late February 2010.

Saifullah Paracha

Saifullah Paracha, 62, is a Pakistani national.  He traveled to the US to study when he was 26 years old and remained there with his family for approximately 10 years before returning to Pakistan to set up an export business.

Paracha was scheduled to fly to Thailand for a business meeting on in July 2003, but when he arrived at the Bangkok airport on July 6, he was seized, hooded, and cuffed, thrown into the back of a vehicle and taken to an unknown location where he was held for a few days, blindfolded, with his ears covered and his hands and legs cuffed.

Strength Through Peace of Fort Collins, CO

Center for Justice, Peace, and Environment


P.O. Box 400
Fort Collins, CO 80522
United States

Guantánamo and Roses

Nancy Talanian


U.S. government officials today inspected a Michigan prison to determine its suitability for current Guantánamo detainees.  (See Feds to tour Michigan prison where Gitmo detainees could go.)
More and more it appears that President Obama plans to close Guantánamo by moving the detainees to a prison on the U.S. mainland, as though the Caribbean location were the problem, and not the unlimited “preventive detention” without charges or court oversight.  Such a move, if it takes place, would feed the growing misperception among Americans that the detainees at Guantánamo are all inhuman terrorists who are too dangerous to bring to mainland prisons, much less charge and try or release.