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TODAY Join National Call-in to Declassify the Torture Report

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Call or tweet the White House to release the Senate Torture Report!  

President Obama recently announced that he would send his copy of the Senate Torture Report to his presidential library to be preserved, out of the public eye, for the next twelve years.  This was an important step -- prior to that we faced the real risk that the Report would be destroyed, entirely erasing the most comprehensive record of the CIA torture program.  Unfortunately, though, in light of the President's decision not to declassify the Report, or even to make it available to executive branch officials who would like to make use of it to prevent torture in the future, the decision to preserve the Report cleared a very low bar.

Please call President Obama at 202-456-1414 or 202-456-1111 and tell him that you would like him to declassify the Torture Report, or, at a minimum, to make it available for executive branch officials with appropriate clearances to read.  You can say something like this:  

"Hello,  I'd like to thank President Obama for preserving the Torture Report, but it would be much better if he would go further by declassifying the Report.  If he doesn't declassify the Torture Report, at a bare minimum he should order appropriate officials to read the Report.  It's a disgrace that 8 years after he ended the Torture program, the report on the program is still secret and his Administration hasn't even opened or read its copies of the final Torture Report.”

If you prefer, send a tweet to @POTUS or @WhiteHouse to say something brief, such as:

“ Please declassify the Senate Torture Report now. Minimally, order officials to read and save the Report.”

To email the White House, go here:

Thank you for calling the President!  Please share widely.

Other organizations making calls today include Interfaith Action on Human Rights, National Religious Campaign Against Torture, and North Carolina Stop Torture Now..