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Press Contact:

Nancy Talanian, Director
No More Guantánamos

Press Releases

5/19/15, Rights Groups Send an Open Letter to President Obama and Ashton Carter: Free the 57 Guantánamo Prisoners Approved for Transfer

10/26/11, Berkeley City Council Adopts Resolution Supporting Guantánamo Prison Closure and Justice for Detainees

6/23/11, Local Governments Issue Proclamations for June 26, International Day in Support of Victims of Torture

2/15/11, Berkeley City Council to Vote Today to Resettle Cleared Guantánamo Detainees in Berkeley

12/7/10, Berkeley Peace and Justice Commission Recommends Guantánamo Resolution to City Council

5/13/10, Two Massachusetts Towns Welcome Guantánamo Detainee Ordered Released by a Federal Judge

4/24/10, Leverett (MA) Town Meeting Approves Resolution to Welcome Cleared Guantánamo Detainees

4/21/10, Guantánamo Uighurs Are Not Alone; U.S. Community Welcomes Other Detainees Whom the US Cannot Safely Repatriate.

4/9/10, April 13 Public Forum in Leverett, MA, to Support Town Meeting Resolution Welcoming Cleared Guantanamo Detainees

11/5/10, Amherst (MA) Special Town Meeting Approves Resolution to Welcome Cleared Guantánamo Detainees

Recent Press Coverage

10/24/11 / The Pacifica Evening News / Berkeley Revisits Guantanamo Refugees Controversy

1/15/11 / Associated Press / Berkeley considers welcoming Guantanamo detainees

1/14/11 / Jeff Kaye / Firedog Lake / SF Chronicle Columnist Slimes Waterboarding Victim in Bid to Stop Berkeley Resolution on Guantanamo Detainees

10/14/10 / Peggy Reskin / Examiner (San Francisco / Code Pink of Berkeley urges Guantanamo Bay detainees be welcomed in Berkeley

06/18/10 / Scott Merzbach / Amherst Bulletin (Massachusetts) / Detainee cleared, but Valley home unlikely

06/15/10 / Scott Merzbach / Daily Hampshire Gazette (Massachusetts) / Once invited to Amherst and Leverett, Gitmo detainee cleared for release, but freedom may be a long time off

06/12/10 / Steve Burns / OpEd News / A Guantánamo detainee in your town? Two Massachusetts towns say "yes"

05/26/10 /  William Fisher / Inter Press Service / Rights Groups Condemn Ruling on Bagram Detainees

05/26/10 / William Newman / ACLU First Amendment Minute (Podcast) / The towns of Leverett and Amherst Massachusetts got it right when they passed resolutions welcoming cleared GTMO detainees

05/25/10 / Nancy Talanian on Gathering Peace (Host Joseph Gainza) / WQDR (Goddard College, Plainfield, VT)


05/24/10 / William Fisher / Inter Press Service / U.S. Towns Open Doors to Cleared Gitmo Prisoners

05/19/10 / Bob Abeshouse, People and Power / Al Jazeera / People and Power: Guantanamo Forever (Video)

05/18/10 / Andy Worthington / TruthOut / Judge Orders Release From Guantánamo of Russian Caught in Abu Zubaydah's Web

05/1510 / Noel Brinkerhoff, David Wallechinsky / AllGov / Justice Dept. Loses Again; Judge Orders Ballet Dancer Released from Guantánamo



05/14/10 / Carol Rosenberg / Miami Herald / U.S. court orders Russian detainee freed from Guantánamo

05/14/10 /  Karen Brown /  WFCR / Guantanamo Bay Detainee May Not Come to live in W MA

04/15/10 / Ben Storrow / Daily Hampshire Gazette (MA) / Leverett residents may query Congress on cleared detainees

01/22/10 / Alex Spillius / Telegraph (UK) / Massachusetts town welcomes detainees but Barack Obama misses deadline to close Guantánamo

12/8/09 / Carol Rosenberg / Miami Herald / Massachusetts town offers to take in Gitmo detainees

11/6/09 / Ruth Hooke / The Guardian / Opinion: Community action on Guantánamo

11/5/09 / Julie Masis / Christian Science Monitor / Massachusetts town says yes to Guantánamo detainees

11/5/09 / Associated Press / Amherst offers home to Guantanamo detainees

10/27/09 / Norma Akamatsu / Daily Hampshire Gazette (Subscription) / Opinion: Guided by her father's courage in another time of war hysteria

10/27/09 / Robyn Bernstein / Boston Globe / Letter: Amherst steps up to redress wrongs of Guantanamo Bay

10/23/09 / Daphne Eviatar / Washington Independent / Gitmo Detainees Inch Closer to United States

10/22/09 / Jackie Bruno and Matt Caron /  WWLP 22 News, Springfield (news video) / Detainees to be relocated to Amherst?

10/21/09 / Beth Germano / WBZ News, Boston / Amherst Possible New Home For Guantanamo Detainees

10/21/09 /  Matthew Campbell / CBS 3 News, Springfield (news video) / Amherst to Welcome Guantanamo Detainees

10/21/09 / Associated Press / Mass. Town Eyed For Guantanamo Detainees

10/21/09 / Ashby Jones /  Wall Street Journal Blog / Mass. Town: ‘Bring us Your Poor, Your Tired, Your Gitmo Detainees’

10/21/09 / Milton Valencia and William McGuinness / Boston Globe / To Amherst, via Guantanamo Bay

10/20/09 / New England Cable News / Guantanamo detainees may be headed for Amherst, Mass. (news video)