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Since we founded the Guantanamo Survivors Fund in April 2022, we have:

  • Raised more than $55,000 from donors in the US and around the world to help survivors
  • Interviewed ten survivors in need
  • Distributed or approved grants to provide:
    • Six months’ rent and utilities for three survivors and their families and school fees so a survivor’s daughter can attend kindergarten
    • Prosthetic supplies for an amputee
    • Down payment for a used car so a disabled survivor unable to manage his heavy workload and schedule can open a small taxi service instead
    • Travel assistance and medical costs for eye surgery to prevent a survivor from losing his sight
    • Partial funding for the purchase of a small apartment for a survivor’s widow and three young children
    • Rent, food, and medical expenses for a survivor who is too ill to work

We have just begun, as hundreds of Guantanamo survivors still need our help. The small gifts we've been able to provide mean a lot to former Guantanamo prisoners who suffered for so many years in prison only to find themselves on their own after their transfer.

Please help us continue providing assistance to former Guantanamo prisoners  with your donation to the Guantanamo Survivors Fund to show the men and their families they are not alone.

Summary Report of the Guantanamo Survivors Fund First Eight Months