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12/02 / Wells Bennett and Zachary Eddington / Lawfare / Overview of Restrictions on Counsel in the Tsarnaev and 9/11 Cases
12/02 / The Frontier Post (Afghanistan) / Former Bagram prisoners allowed to meet family in Peshawar
12/01 / J.D. Tuccille / Reason Magazine / Secretly Tortured: Guantanamo Bay ruling
12/01 / Clara Ritger / National Journal Magazine / Conference to Define Medical Ethics in Wake of Military Torture
11/30 / Alison Schmidt / Star Tribune (Minnesota) / What would you think if your health care worker aided torture?
11/29 / Adam Hudson / TruthOut / Military Commissions Stuck on Torture
11/29 / Editorial / Washington Post / Politics keeps getting in the way of closing Guantanamo
11/29 / Shaker Aamer / Huffington Post / Will They Ever Let Us Back to Our Families?
11/29 / Jess Bravin / Wall Street Journal / Prisoners Fight U.S. Over Repatriation From Guantanamo Bay