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09/07 / Colin Maximin and David Brown / Times (UK) / British passports for Guantanamo terror suspects
08/31 / Tess Bridgeman, Joshua Geltzer and Luke Hartig / Just Security / Guantanamo is No Answer–But Here’s What Can Work
08/30 / Linda Greenhouse / New York Times / What Guantánamo Says About Kavanaugh
08/30 / Courtney Kube, Dan De Luce and Josh Lederman / NBC / Trump admin may send captured ISIS fighters to Iraq prison, Guantanamo
08/29 / Jonathan Hafetz / SCOTUSBlog / Judge Kavanaugh’s record in national-security cases
08/29 / Alex Johnson / The Independent (UK) / Most wanted: The books banned at the Guantanamo Bay detainee library
08/27 / Matt Welch / New York Times / What John McCain Taught Us About Torture
08/27 / Robert Newman and Michael O'Hara / The Enquirer (Ohio) / Due process: Guantanamo detainees should be released
08/26 / Elizabeth McLaughlin / ABC News / McCain's experience as POW shaped lifelong opposition to torture
08/24 / Susan Nahvi / Human Rights First / GTMO Detainee’s Periodic Review Leaves Little Hope
08/23 / Editorial / Star-Ledger (New Jersey) / New GOP strategy backing Lance: Sell fear