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11/01 / Sam Hendricks / The Interpreter (Lowy Institute) / Film review: Torture, lies, and videotape
10/31 / Felicity Ruby and Naomi Colvin / New Internationalists / Journalists must pay attention to Julian Assange
10/29 / Allegra Harpootlian / TomDispatch / Drone Strikes and Tears: Why I Weep While I Work
10/28 / Kathy Kelly / LA Progressive / Camp Bucca, Abu Ghraib and the Rise of Extremism in Iraq
10/28 / Harry Blain / Foreign Policy In Focus / How the Judiciary is Chipping Away at the War on Terror
10/28 / Nadia Ramlagan / Public News Service (North Carolina) / 'The Report' Film Highlights NC's Role in CIA Torture Program
10/28 / Spencer Ackerman / The Daily Beast / Baghdadi Is Dead. The War on Terror Will Create Another.
10/25 / David Brown / Politico / Lawmakers weigh ‘skinny NDAA’ as backup plan
10/24 / Nozomi Hayase / Common Dreams / Assange’s Extradition Is a Case About the Crimes of Empire
10/23 / Carrie Sheffield / Accuracy in the Media / Politico Defends Former CIA Director With Fake News