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07/08 / Tom Campbell / The Sun (California) / Guantanamo Bay prisoners and America’s perpetual war on terror
07/08 / Open the Government and additional signatories / Letter to House and Senate leaders on CIA provision in Intelligence Authorization Act
07/05 / Kathy Gilsinan / Atlantic Online / Europe Has Turned Its Back on Its ISIS Suspects
07/03 / Steven Aftergood / Secrecy News (Federation of American Scientists Project on Government Secrecy) / CIA Can Selectively Disclose Information, Court Affirms
07/01 / Sam Strangeways / Royal Gazette (Bermuda) / ‘Uighur dossier’ released
06/27 / Julia McKay / Human Rights First / Another Detainee No-Show Demonstrates a Defunct PRB Process
06/27 / Michael Weiss and Moustafa Ayad / The Daily Beast / Al Qaeda’s Master Terrorists Are Still on Facebook and YouTube
06/26 / Mia Swart / Al Jazeera / Why do states allow impunity for torture?
06/26 / Scott Roehm, John Bradshaw, Sarah Dougherty, Phyllis Kaufman, and Michael Payne / Center for Victims of Torture and Physicians for Human Rights / Report: Deprivation and Despair: The Crisis of Medical Care at Guantánamo
06/26 / Carol Rosenberg / New York Times / Guantánamo Case to Test Whether Torture Can Be Put on the Docket