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12/13 / Catherine Read / Open Society Foundations / No State Accountability for North Carolina Contractor Who Helped CIA Torture
12/13 / Colette Derworiz / The Canadian Press / Omar Khadr in Edmonton court, asks for changes to bail conditions
12/11 / Kerry Sulkowicz / ACLU Speak Freely Blog / Doctors Who Facilitate Torture Must Be Held to Account
12/11 / Insider NJ (New Jersey) / John J. Gibbons Dies at 94
12/10 / Jana Lipman / The Conversation / 5 things to know about Guantanamo Bay on its 115th birthday
12/08 / Victoria Clark / Lawfare / Document: Guantanamo Detainee Files Cert Petition
12/07 / Hajira Hematyara / ACLU Speak Freely Blog / CIA Torture Killed My Father. I Want to Know What They Did With His Body.
12/06 / Sarah Spiller / Al Jazeera / Trump, the CIA and the future of torture
12/03 / Jinee Lokaneeta / The Wire (India) / Why the Spectre of Truth Serums Haunts CIA Interrogations
12/02 / David Barnett / The Independent (UK) / A history of hunger strikes: From the suffragettes to Guantánamo
11/30 / Dana Terry and Frank Stasio / North Carolina Public Radio / The Psychological Impact Of The US Torture Program